Deer, Car Collisions Peak This Week In Metro Atlanta


ATLANTA — You may be seeing more deer on your commute.
According to a new University of Georgia study, this week some metro Atlanta drivers are more likely to hit a deer on the roadways.
Tuesday is the peak week of the deer breeding season in Gwinnett County and many others.
Researchers at UGA took data from each county on car-deer collisions and found they correlated with the timing of breeding season.
“Now we can very strategically inform motorists as to what time, what particular 2-3 week period chances of a deer-vehicle collision are greatest,” said UGA Wildlife Research Coordinator David Osborn.
In Cobb and DeKalb counties, that peak movement of deer was the week of the 3rd, last week. For most of the other metro counties, including Fulton and Gwinnett, it’s this week.
“Particularly this time of year, just stay on guard,” UGA Professor of Wildlife Ecology & Management Dr. Robert Warren.
The experts say while deer can run out in traffic other times of year, for this peak, bucks are out looking for prospective mates and hormones take over.
“Both does and bucks, as you’re coming into the breeding season start being more active and they start being less cautious,” Osborn said.


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