Deaf Woman Able To Order Coffee At Drive-Thru Using ASL


ATLANTA (CBS46) -A Starbucks in St. Augustine, Florida is making headlines for all the right reasons.

Rebecca King posted a video to her Facebook page of her ordering coffee from a Starbucks drive-thru.

While many find this process unremarkable, King is deaf and this is not usually an option for her.

King pulled up to the drive-thru and was greeted at the menu.

“Hi, welcome to Starbucks,” the woman said. “What can we get started for you today?”

King does not respond and waits in her seat. After waiting a moment, barista Katie Wyble appears on a monitor using American Sign Language (ASL).

King was able to order her coffee through Wyble and the power of technology.

King wrote on YouTube that most people in the city know sign language because Florida School for the Deaf and Blind is there.


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