VIDEO: Danica Patrick Confronts Fan Who Booed Her For Not Signing Autographs


Danica Patrick has been racing professionally for over a decade, solidifying herself as the the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing. For much of her adult life, she has gracefully combatted the challenges of being one of the only women in racing culture that is male-dominated. You can’t be triggered easily to succeed in that environment.

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  1. JW 20 June, 2017 at 15:03 Reply

    Your description of this is fake news. There are longer versions of this clip that show what actually sparked this. The ‘fans’ she spoke to were not asking for her autograph, they were just booing. A minute before, a guy who might have been seeking an autograph jumped a security barrier and tried to push past the security guys who rightly stopped him. The barriers and the guards are there for a reason and there are times and places and ways to get autographs.

    • Bailey and Southside 20 June, 2017 at 15:13 Reply

      Don’t come here with that fake news garbage. She even comes over and says she can’t sign everything. Don’t claim fake news if you don’t have anything to back it up. And if there is a longer version it wasn’t available at the time of the article.

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