Couple Finds Words Spelled Out “Black PPL” On IHOP Receipt


An Austin couple is outraged after finding the words spelled out “black ppl” on their IHOP receipt as they paid their bill early Monday morning.

The two say they were just going for a casual meal early this morning. What surprised them the most, was who put the message on the receipt.

“My girlfriend came up to me and said ‘You see the receipt? It says black people on there.’ ‘I said what do you mean it says black people’”? Sparkman said.

The message, “black ppl”, was printed in big letters on the top of the receipt. The couple walked into the 24-hour restaurant on Cesar Chavez Street early Monday morning around just before 3:00. Brown says she couldn’t believe what she was reading.

“What does this mean? Are you going to do something to my food or my card”? Brown said.

What surprised them the most is that their waiter, Dwayne, is also black.

“People are being racist, and it’s your own people being racist toward you for no reason,” Sparkman said.

Brown worked as a waitress before. She says there are other ways to identify people.

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