Commissioner Under Fire For Alleged Racial Comment On Facebook Post


NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. — Newton County commissioner apologized Tuesday night after a comment he made on Facebook.

It came on the heels of the appearance of a controversial Facebook photograph of a woman sticking her middle finger at the camera, while wiping her rear end with the American flag.

In the post, that was later deleted, Douglas wrote, “She is just a cheap, street walker knee grow who lays down for white men.”

At a County Commission meeting Tuesday night, Douglas publicly apologized for making the comment.

“I would say that I’m sorry is a vast understatement,” Douglas said.

Channel 2’s Carl Willis said public comments toward Douglas were scathing at times, but some people came to his defense.

“What really matters is the division it’s created in the community and we can’t have that,” said Phil Johnson.

While African-American leaders say they were appalled by the original photo desecrating the American flag, Local Southern Christian Leadership Conference Vice President Joseph Lightfoot said Douglas’ comment crossed the line.

“If he wants to apologize, that’s fine, but he still should resign,” Lightfoot said.

“I think he should resign, just step down and make this county a better place. I mean this county is growing and you can see all the movies being filmed here, and this is going to be a hindrance,” said Norris Freeman with the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church.
Others say the people of Newton County need to forgive Douglas and move on.

“We must forgive because we cannot go forward unless we forgive him. What he does in terms of his actions after this, if he resigns, does not resign, we have to move on with those things that are important to this county and the city,” said Covington City Councilmember Hawlethia Williams.

At the end of the meeting, the commission chairman called an executive session saying he did not anticipate a vote.


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