Clown Facebook Post, Warnings Put More Alabama Schools On Lockdown


Two more Alabama schools were on lockdown today after a social media posts and phoned-in threat warned “clowns” might show up at two Birmingham area schools…


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  1. LJ 22 September, 2016 at 10:53 Reply

    This is ridiculous come on we have faced many intellectual and extensively lethal enemies both foreign and domestic just within the last fifty years and everyone is giving into these idiots dressed up as clowns are we supposed to be scared of them we are the people this our home what a joke they want to threaten the lives of innocents and worst of all our children while we all sit back and let it happen while more and more people join the (clown’s) mostly for the attention or whatever thrill they may get from it it is stupid and more and more of our youth will be the ones to follow is this what we want them to follow we need to come together as a people as a country and be united and take care of our problems to make the home our children will grow learn and live there lives in a safer and better place for there children and so on these clowns think we should be afraid of them apparently none of them have children they should be the ones afraid because a true loving parent will do ANYTHING to protect there children and the neighborhoods they are living in its time we take our own problems into our on hands because we all know how the police will take care of it nothing against law enforcement but it’s time we let the world know we stand as one and show these clowns what crazy is and clean up our streets all across our nation because we have all seen what happens when we do nothing look at Isis and many other enemies that we would have just taken care of from the start and defended the land we live in and are going to have our children’s children live in it wouldn’t have ever escalated it would have been endes!

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