Brandi Britain

I was born a Cumming woman but Atlanta is my home. I live in a brothel-esque cottage with three delightful dames and I share my life with the most handsome man… that’s a cat. My love for cats is both palpable and unreasonable. I can’t deny the feline wiles.

When I’m not using my magic phalanges on the buttons on the board, I’m usually drinking Fireball, not spending over $4 on my wardrobe, and shaking my boyish figure all over Graveyard’s dance floor. I don’t mean to brag, but my dancing skills are on the same level as the great MC Skat Kat. And finally, I have many tattoos and they don’t mean anything, but I do enjoy the looks on people’s faces when I say, “because I like unicorns.”

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