Boxing Gloves Hang From Torch Tower Honoring Muhammad Ali


Channel 2 Action News viewer Paige Jarvis snapped pictures of a pair of boxing gloves hanging from a beam at an Olympic monument on Hank Aaron Drive.

Ali lit the torch at the opening ceremony of the 1996 Olympic Games.

Jarvis tells Channel 2 Action News the reason she and her fiancé went to the beams was because it has always felt like their biggest connection to “The Champ.”

As an Atlanta native, Jarvis wanted to be as close to that as she could and had a feeling someone would post a simple flower or a “thank you, Champ” sign.

As Jarvis stopped at the light, her fiancé scanned the area and said, “Babe, there are boxing gloves up there.”
“It made me proud,” Jarvis said.

They spent a few moments sharing their Olympic experiences and what this great man meant to them and their families.

“We both smiled so big thinking about the fact that someone may have climbed those steps as he did to show their respect and love for such an amazing role model for so many generations,” she said.

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