Blocking the box could cost you $500


Atlanta Police made it a point to reminds drivers to avoid “blocking the box” as traffic plans surrounding the I-85 collapse set in.

According to a City of Atlanta press release, “Motorists block the box when they enter an intersection before traffic ahead has cleared and remain in the intersection after the light has turned red. Blocking the box increases traffic congestion and reduces public safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and emergency vehicles.”

Blocking the box can lead to fines up to $500 and points marked off on your permanent driving record. Blocking the box will be heavily enforced at the following intersections, police said.

Central Avenue at Mitchell Street
Central Avenue at Trinity Avenue
Peachtree Street at Ellis Street
Peachtree Street at Andrew Young International Boulevard
Peachtree Street at John Portman Boulevard
Peachtree Street at Trinity Avenue
Peachtree Street at Mitchell Street
Peachtree Street at ML King Jr Drive
Peachtree Street at Marietta Street
Edgewood Avenue at Bell Street
Peachtree Street at Auburn Avenue
Peachtree Street at Baker Street
Peachtree Street at Ivan Allen Jr Blvd/Ralph McGill Boulevard
Peachtree Street at Linden Avenue
Peachtree St at North Avenue
10th Street at Monroe Drive
10th Street at Williams Street
10th Street at Spring Street
5th Street at Spring Street

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