Ben Carson Hilariously Blows GOP Debate Entrance


Saturday night’s Republican Presidential Debate in New Hampshire got off to a great start even before it started. As ABC News’ David Muir introduced the candidates, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson caused a comical logjam in the wings when he missed his introduction. The camera then remained trained on Carson backstage as the other candidates skirted around them as they were introduced, and as a stage manager tried to get Carson to go take his mark.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump then also missed his intro, twice, instead standing by Carson as the other candidates went around them, although the move might have been one of solidarity with Carson. When Trump finally did take the stage, poor John Kasich was still absent, seemingly forgotten, until the moderators finally got around to bringing him out.

Here’s the entire glorious, awkward thing above.

Ben Carson Hilariously Blows GOP Debate Entrance


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