Bastard’s Day BBQ 2017


June 18th, 2017 (Atlanta, Ga) – Father’s Day is a day to honor all the dads out there. But some people never had a dad in their life or don’t even know who he is. Like host Jason Bailey of Rock 100.5 FM Atlanta/WNNX’s morning show Bailey and Southside. He never knew his father. So that’s why Friday, June 16th Bailey and Southside hosted Atlanta’s inaugural Bastard’s Day BBQ.

Friday morning the Bailey and Southside morning show broadcasted live on location from a barbecue restaurant and invited listeners to join them with live music from the all veteran band Distinct Grace, food and drink from Memphis BBQ Co, ticket giveaways, and two featured events known as “Speed Fathering” and the “Bastard’s Day Olympics”.

Throughout the week Bailey and Southside qualified 5 bastards and 5 fathers on-air and heard their stories which would hopefully qualify them to compete in speed fathering and the Bastard’s Day Olympics. In the speed fathering segment each father had to quickly give their best “dad advice” to each of the 5 bastards.

The final competition, the Bastard’s Day Olympics, consisted of 5 events for a chance to win the grand prize of a Big Green Egg barbecue cooker and the second place prize of a Grizzly cooler. The fathers and bastards were paired up into teams to compete in the events. The first event was “Learn to Fight” where they had to punch each other 5 times in the face with inflatable boxing gloves. Second was “Change a Tire” where the father had to remove the tire of a car and the bastard son had to put it back on the car. The third event was “Football Toss” where they had to throw a football back and forth 5 times without dropping it across 10 yards. And the fourth event was “Birds and the Bees” where the father had to instruct the bastard how to put a condom on a cucumber…while blindfolded. The quickest time to complete all of these would send that team into the sudden death round where father and bastard were pitted against each other in a round of cornhole to claim grand championship of Bastard’s Day Olympics and the Big Green Egg. The entire event was streamed via Facebook Live.

Speed Fathering

Bastard’s Day Olympics

Bastard’s Day Olympics Finals


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  1. Lindsey O'Shields 21 June, 2017 at 16:27 Reply

    Thank you for this. I heard you talking about it and although my schedule kept me away, I was there in spirit. Just knowing you were holding Bastards’ Day made me happy. Bastards united!

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