Bailey and Southside First “Civilians” to Set Foot On Reconstructed I-85 Bridge


May 15th, 2017 (Atlanta, Ga) – Atlanta made national news on March 30th, 2017 when a massive fire underneath an overpass of Interstate 85 resulted in the collapse of a portion of the road, and stranding motorists for miles during rush hour traffic. The fire was allegedly maliciously set by a homeless man. The Interstate 85 collapse in the heart of Atlanta disrupted the daily commute of over 250,000 people. It was announced by the Georgia Department of Transportation that the rebuilding of the bridge would take months, but C.W. Matthews Contracting crews worked around the clock to impressively rebuild the massive destruction in just 6 weeks. It was released that the Northbound side of the bridge would be opened the afternoon of Friday, May 12th, followed by the Southbound side the evening of Saturday, May 13th. On-air Friday morning, Rock 100.5 FM Atlanta/WNNX’s morning show host Jason Bailey questioned, “Who will be the first person to drive across the new bridge?” Turns out, he was one of them.

The Bailey and Southside morning show was able to gain exclusive access to be the first “civilians” to drive over, and set foot on the newly reconstructed I-85 Southbound bridge. An event sought after by television and radio stations across the city. Jason Bailey, Southside Steve and Digi-Dude Nate loaded into their Rock 100.5 station van Saturday morning and drove to the mouth of the interstate shutdown. After the orange barricades were moved aside, the morning crew was off driving down a newly paved interstate without another soul on the road. They were able to park their station van across the new bridge, and take some entertaining photos and videos for their listeners to get a sneak peek of the new interstate before it’s opening. The show’s producer Digi-Dude Nate said, “It’s not everyday you can lay down in the middle of one of the busiest roads in the country.” Atlanta, GA has recently been ranked as the 4th worst city for traffic in the United States.

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