Atlanta’s Doppler Studios To Close Next Week


ATLANTA– Atlanta’s Doppler studios has hosted countless musicians and actors over its 46 years. The visitations will end next week when the iconic studio closes

“Winton Marsallis stood right there and played his trumpet,” said Bill Quinn, overlooking a 1500 square foot room large enough to host 40 musicians.

46 years of memories start here for Quinn, co-owner of Doppler.

“Little Richard, Paul Shafer and David Foster played that piano,” Quinn added, pointing across the room.

“Quite a few artists have played that piano. And it’s for sale too if you want a piano,” Quinn added wryly.

The Yamaha grand piano is for sale because the studio is closing down, sold to a developer who wants to re-purpose the property.

“Mariah Carey cut most of an album here,” Quinn said, noting records cut by the likes of Biggie Smalls, OutKast, Pearl Jam, Kanye West, Ludacris and many other. “We were the Motown of the south,” Quinn said.

And while music is a big part of Doppler’s history – so too were voice over recordings of actors.

“Gene Hackman was here years ago because he was the voice of United Airlines,” Quinn said. Former President Jimmy Carter recorded audio books at Doppler.

Alan Steadman helped produce a hundred episodes of a cartoon series called Squidbillies, recorded at Doppler. Steadman was at Doppler Thursday to record a voice-over for a bit part in the show, which is producing its tenth season for Adult Swim.

“They’ve always treated us like family. So it’s going to be sad to see the place go. They’ve spoiled us in a way because they’ve treated us so well,” Steadman said.

Quinn says he’s probably closing the studio at just the right time, as his industry churns.

“There’s just not the demand anymore,” Quinn said. “People mix (music) on laptops while they’re on airplanes. It’s a different time. There are still high end projects where they might still use rooms like ours. And they still do. But not around the clock, not like they used to.”

Quinn declined to disclose how the buyer of the property will use it.

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