Epic April Fools’ Day Prank on Southside Steve


Jason Bailey has played an epic April Fools’ prank on his co-host Southside Steve.

Three weeks ago Jason Bailey, with the help of Brandi and Nate, created a fake animated movie called “The Redneck Rabbit”. They bought www.redneckrabbitthemovie.com and put up a dummy website for auditions, made a bogus email address to correspond with him, and created a fictitious casting director named Bill Dempsey with a backstory of having met Steve 15 years ago at his bar and told him he was his inspiration to move to LA and try to make it in Hollywood. All to convince him he was auditioning for a part in the movie.

After stringing Steve along for a week, he was sent a script to read, and an NDA to sign. Jason even got Steve’s agent in on the prank. He was sent the script and requested that he film his “audition” not once, but twice. The movie “producers” weren’t totally convinced with his first read, especially since Eric Roberts was up for the same part.

Everything came to fruition on April 1st when a normally scheduled segment, Betcha Can’t, was cut short with a message from Jason telling Steve the movie was all a joke. Then audio was played of his auditions and his bloopers while reading the script he was given. Comedian Hal Sparks even called the show to get in on the gag. Steve was a good sport but he vows to return the favor.

The Auditions

The Payoff

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