12 Christmas Movies We Love That Aren’t Really Christmas Movies

  1. Die Hard
    Christmas-y Factor: The whole movie kicks off with an office Christmas party on Christmas eve, plus that whole “ho, ho, ho” machine gun thing.
  2. Batman Returns
    Christmas-y Factor: There’s an Ice Princess, multiple chilly settings and don’t you dare forget the Gotham City Tree Lighting Ceremony.
  3. The Lord of the Rings franchise
    Christmas-y Factor: There is always at least one channel airing the entire franchise over Christmas. Plus, lots of snow in The Fellowship of the Ring, courtesy of Saruman.
  4. Just Friends
    Christmas-y Factor: Most of the movie takes place over the holiday season. And there are Christmas-themed shenanigans at every turn, including a total takedown of a thoroughly decorated house.
  5. Iron Man 3
    Christmas-y Factor: It’s set during Christmas, Tony gets Pepper an unnecessary giant bear as a present, and he hides out in a tiny town that’s decorated festively for the jolly season.
  6. Lethal Weapon
    Christmas-y Factor: It starts with an opening set to “Jingle Bell Rock” and ends with the family gathered around a Christmas tree.
  7. You’ve Got Mail
    Christmas-y Factor: Meg Ryan decorating her tree while snow falls and everyone singing that carol around the piano.
  8. Harry Potter franchise
    Christmas-y factor: Not only do we get a marathon during this time of year, but more often than not we get to see Christmas at Hogwarts. And it’s glorious.
  9. Edward Scissorhands
    Christmas-y Factor: The whole movie is a story about why it always snows on Christmas! Plus, the image of Edward (Johnny Depp) shaving ice sculptures and making it “snow” for Kim (Winona Ryder) is nothing short of magical.
  10. Rent
    Christmas-y Factor: Takes place over one year (or 525,600 minutes) from Christmas Eve 1989 to Christmas Eve 1990.
  11. Gremlins
    Christmas-y Factor: Gizmo was a Christmas gift from father to son, and there are gremlins “singing” Christmas carols.
  12. When Harry Met Sally
    Christmas-y Factor: Lots of sweater weather, two people adorably failing to carry a Christmas tree and, of course, that New Year’s Eve speech.

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